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Introduction to Open Class

The magazine Open Class was founded in October 1979. Now we have primary school edition, junior high school edition, senior high school edition, college edition, World Children, and other series of journals. It’s the only youngsters’ serial periodical nationwide covering entire school age.

Open Class is aimed to serve 300 million teenagers in China, with the concept of “sciences, humanities, life". Now we have a monthly journal circulation of 2 million copies, covering more than 2800 counties or cities in China, with a reader circulation amount of nearly 20 million for each issuance.

Influencing on the two generations of Chinese, Open Class is China's most influential journal of adolescence. We earned such titles as Famous Trademark in China, National Popular Science Education Base, Demonstration Unit of National Digital Publishing Enterprise Transformation, Top 100 China Post Newspapers and Periodicals and Chongqing Government Reward on Publishing. It’s selected by the National Post Office as the National Top 50 Best-Selling Newspapers & Journals for five consecutive years.

At present, Open Class is building a new pattern of "Production, Study and Research". Production aims to provide young people with quality products and first-class services, enlighten wisdom and enhance their ability. Study aims to create juvenile universities without walls, to carry out competitions on literature, science, finance, art, etc., to organize study tour summer camps heading for domestic cities and foreign countries. Research aims to develop youth quality & attainment standards and online evaluation system, gradually forming an open and tolerant service platform serving the growth of youngsters. In the era of mobile Internet and artificial intelligence, "Production, Study and Research" refers to coordinated development of book publication, juvenile universities and quality & attainment standards. This is the only pathway to transform and upgrade Open Class.

Open Class is committed to improving the scientific and humanistic quality of Chinese youth, paying special attention to adolescent personality development. In close cooperation with scientific research institutions and professional organizations home and abroad, we launched a series of competitions and activities.

Since 1997, under the guidance of the Caring for Next Generation Working Committee of the Ministry of Education, we have been successfully launching reading contest, essay soliciting, speech contesting, and social practice centered on the theme of “Outstanding Teenager Citizens" for 21 consecutive years. It has become the largest theme education brand for young people in China, and has cumulative benefited more than 400 million students.

Since 2005, we jointly organized the National Primary and Secondary School Innovation Essay Contest with the Chinese Language & Literature Department of Peking University. It has been held for 13 sessions so far. Up to 15 million students joined this contest cumulatively. Among those participants, those who earned the second prize and above in Senior High School Group will earn the qualification for the Autonomous Enrollment Qualification Examinations of 38 national key universities, such as Peking University, Fudan University and so on.

Since 2014, Open Class jointly organized the National Student Financial Literacy Contest with Southwestern University of Finance and Economics. More than 100 thousand students have participated in the fourth session. Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, New York University Shanghai, and other colleges and universities have developed cooperative relations with us. Moreover, ACCA (British Institute of Chartered Certified Public Accountants) and CEE (U.S. Economic Education Committee) have built a close cooperation with us.

In addition, Open Class also holds annually the National Youth Science Literacy Contest, the National Art Competition for Primary and Secondary School Students. All these contests have been greatly supported by scientific research institutions and universities. We have also held more than 4000 public-welfare lectures every year with such brands as “Campus Tour of Academicians & Experts ” and “Science and Humanities Lectures ”, attended by over 8 million youngsters.

As a professional educational services organization, Open Class has around 640 employees. Such famous scientists as Mr. Zhou Guangzhao, Mr. Han Qide are serving as our Chief Adviser. Famous litterateurs like Hans Christian Andersen Award recipient Cao Wenxuan, and recipients of Maodun Literary Prize A Lai, Mai Jia, Peking University Professor Wen Rumin, Chen Pingyuan, and Chen Yuehong are serving as Consultants to our company.

Adhering to the entrepreneurial spirit of "vitality, growth, dreams", Open Class is willing to work with more partners to provide quality education services for young people, promote youth exchanges between countries, and enhance friendship and the benefit of mankind.